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I believe in hard work and delivering on the needs and expectations that provide value to my clients.  Respect is earned by proving your value through collaborating with businesses.


Donovan Kelley

Founder & Consultant

Our Approach

My Vision

All companies need Security but not all businesses can afford to hire a full-time security professional.  My vision is to provide my experience, tools, and focus to align your business with the constant demands of security assessments, training, and risk mitigation for a fraction of the cost you would need to pay a full-time employee.

Avoid the costs of benefits and leverage your existing IT team and colleagues to ensure that they act as the defense against cyberthreats.  Everyone in your company needs to take a role in cybersecurity, and by combining my experience and tools with their understanding of the way you do business, your business will be protected from the dangers of malicious attacks against your business and data.

Our Story

My Story

After working as a Manager and Director of IT for many years, I recognized the shortcomings of security in the workplace where a full-time person was always a luxury in handling this domain.  My thoughts were" Why don't we bring in someone to assess the vulnerabilities and risks and offer solutions for our IT team to put in place and train our own people.  The market for this was thin and only vendors of security products would offer this service but based around purchases of their technology at a steep cost.

My revelation was that I could take my own experience, knowledge and industry leading tools used for risk assessment, documentation, vulnerability scans, and measuring colleague awareness to many companies.  The time had come to shake up the model of 6 figure security professionals unable to get anything done without huge budgets and change the offerings to a small to medium size enterprise that needs to protect its' business from cyberthreats as much as anyone.

From that time forward, I want to make expert cybersecurity consulting an affordable solution for companies in need.

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