vCISO Consulting

Communication is the key to begin any good business relationship.  What are the needs of your business?  What skills can I offer? What risks does your business currently face?  Who or what are your exposed attack vectors?


Getting it writing seems a luxury, but is key to understanding and protecting the way you do business.  Most businesses lack a majority of the cybersecurity policies needed to manage the business and I can provide a complete working set to integrate within your business.

Security Training

You have people that must act to keep your business secure. Whether it is you, the IT team, or employees throughout the entire business.  Process improvement, security awareness training and periodic scanning and testing can drastically improve your security posture and prevent the majority of incidents.

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vCISO Return on Investment

Avoiding fines, loss of reputation and data breaches are the obvious gains of improving your security posture.  But how about a true dollar savings.

A CISO can cost you 150K-200K per year and a supporting security team will add another 200-500K.

Using a vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) can achieve a majority of the gains with your existing staff until you have successfully mitigated a high percentage of the primary security risks.

The 80/20 rule in Cybersecurity

I have found that much like the 80/20 rule applies to other aspects of business, the same can be said for cybersecurity.  By applying your efforts on the right 20%, you can achieve 80% of the necessary protections for your business.  This means within a very short period and on a leaner budget, you can accomplish major gains with just a small group of people and on a timeline that feels like immediate results.


Next Steps...

A good conversation and understanding of services and outcomes will only take a short while.  Feel free to contact me to schedule a call.